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Seattle USA is the largest city in Washington State and home to a huge tech industry. The metro area is home to companies such as Amazon and Microsoft. Its most iconic landmark is the futuristic Space Needle. The city also has a rich history and culture. It is an ideal place for business travelers and those looking for a unique vacation.
Seattle is home to the world’s oldest continuously operated market, the Pike Place Market, on the Waterfront. Nearby is the Gum Wall, an iconic tourist attraction. Seattle has also been the setting for a variety of movies and television shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, Rick and Morty, and The Killing. It was also the Schauplatz for the World Trade Organization (WTO) conference, which resulted in some hefty clashes between globalization proponents and law enforcement.
The city is home to the University of Washington, including the Seattle Huskies, and the Seattle Mist, a professional football team. Seattle’s economy fluctuates between periods of economic stand-still, with the first economic upswing being driven by the rapidly growing wood industry, and the second characterized by the rapid growth of shipbuilding. The harbor was ranked the largest seaport in the United States in 2005.
Seattle is home to several museums. There’s the Henry Art Gallery, the Frye Art Museum, and the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. In addition, the city has hundreds of commercial and non-commercial art galleries. Most of them are located around Pioneer Square.
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