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Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. It is notable for its history, including Independence Hall, the site of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The city is also the setting for the iconic film “Rocky,” in which Sylvester Stallone ran up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Philadelphia has a diverse population and history. In the XIX century, Philadelphia was a hub for industrial activity, and Irish and German immigrants came to the city in search of new opportunities. The city grew from a small town to a metropolitan area that is now over 350 square miles. The second wave of immigrants was made up of Eastern Europeans, and Afro-Americans from southern states. Then, as the 20th century wore on, the region saw a wave of suburbanization, where wealthy citizens migrated to the outer towns. As a result, Philadelphia faced an extended period of transformation. The city nearly went bankrupt, but once the bankruptcy was resolved, the city began to develop rapidly again.
Domestic architecture in Philadelphia is characterized by two and three-story red brick buildings. The city boasts some impressive examples of colonial architecture. According to the National Historic Monuments Service, over seven thousand of the city’s buildings are certified historic sites. Whether you prefer classic homes or modern art, Philadelphia offers a wide array of shopping opportunities. However, there is no Fifth Avenue here.
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