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There are a variety of things to do in Cleveland USA, including the local Farmers Market and the Cleveland Museum of Art. Both have a diverse array of local and world art. There’s also a large library system that helps support the city’s cultural life. A visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art will provide you with an appreciation of ancient Egyptian and Asian art, as well as exhibits and special events. Also worth a visit is the West Side Market, which features the 1912 markethouse with its 137-foot-tall clock tower.
In its early years, Cleveland was largely an agricultural village, but soon it grew into a regional center of commerce. Many goods were manufactured in Cleveland, including farm tools, barrels for shipping food, and household furnishings. These products were produced in small shops by skilled craftsmen rather than in large factories. The city’s newspaper of 1820, for example, advertised a wagonmaker near the courthouse. Another advertisement listed a two-story shop with a saddle maker and shoemaker. Later, the canal was completed and the markets in Cleveland were greatly expanded.
Besides the Cleveland Museum of Art, there are a variety of other attractions in Cleveland. The Cleveland Museum of Art features a collection of polka instruments and art, including the accordion played by Frankie Yankovic. It also hosts an annual Hall of Fame ceremony. The city also has three major professional sports teams, a baseball team and an American league hockey team.
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