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Prom Service

Prom Service

With Prom Limo Services You Will Have the Ultimate in Style, Fun, and Sophistication!

Our prom limo services will have you arrive to prom with style and class. Prom night is a time that will be remembered for the rest your life. Arriving to prom limo style will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

Details of prom limo services:


Parents, you want your child to have fun and be safe on their prom night. Have peace of mind and know that your teen is in the safety and comfort of a professionally driven limo on prom night. Too many accidents occur on this joyous occasion. According to a recent Liberty Mutual Study, 90% of high school juniors and seniors thought their friends may drive drunk on prom night. Teens suffer fatalities from car accidents more than any other cause. Whether you’re for or against underage drinking, it is a reality. Rent a limo for prom to ensure your child is safe whether any drinking is involved or not. Your teen and his or her friends can also have fun on a party bus that has amenities like TV, music, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages. Leave the driving to a trained professional who will return your child home safely.


We’ll pick you up and take you from the prom to the after-party! Enjoy this time with your friends on board a sleek limo or a party bus with fully stocked, non-alcoholic refreshments and snacks! Have fun and let us do the driving. Whether it’s you and your date or a group, you will ride in style and be able to fully relax while we take care of the transportation. With a limo for prom you have a sweet ride that is sure to impress. Take a look at our fleet page [insert fleet page here] to see the variety of vehicles we offer. Your hair is done, you’re dressed to perfection, and your ride only compliments your look for the evening. This is the total package for your evening to remember.