Review Date: January 11th, 2014

India Rose
Rapidan, VA, 22733
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Just Drive/Family night out
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I wanted to create a special end-of-year night out for my family. I knew we wanted to go to gravelly point to watch the planes and to see the national Christmas tree and some of the monuments, but didn't have anything more specific in mind. Our chauffeur, Asif, was right on time. After a brief conversation with me, we were off for a night that was truly magical! Asif was keeping track of traffic conditions the whole time, and suggested stops accordingly. He was polite, professional,and kind. And you haven't lived until you've done a 3 point turn in an 8 passenger limousine on Constitution avenue. The evening was such a hit with the family, I think it's going to become a yearly tradition! I'm sure all the chauffeurs are fantastic, but we will be requesting Asif again. Thanks to everyone at Skyhawk Limousine for a night we'll never forget! India Rose
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